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  • Solutions based on exact clinical indications including rare diseases
  • Reach HCPs while they are considering treatment options for their patients
  • Lab data is the only way to find patients based on specific test result ranges


  • In a highly competitive market, timing is everything.
  • Insights needed to capture patient share to determine brand success and overall market performance
  • Lab data can be delivered within days of testing, before treatment decisions have been made




  • 80% of guidelines which are aimed at establishing a diagnosis or managing disease require laboratory tests
  • Lab tests are a leading indicator of therapy choice
  • Understand the role lab testing plays in a patients’ therapeutic journey 

Why Work With Prognos?

Comprehensive Network

Prognos’ Registry is the largest source of clinical diagnostics information spanning 50 disease areas, with more than 20 billion medical records for 200 million patients. Prognos is the only company that creates a standardized view of laboratory results across multiple labs. Unique data complexities and inconsistencies in documenting lab results across individual labs create a barrier to lab data being readily usable for analytics.  This can include things like gaps in critical non-clinical information such as LOINC Codes and NPIs or results that are not structured for data analysis including multiple results in a single record and results in comments fields, and more. And consider, there may be a need to look across multiple records to identify the final result as results can be modified over time.  

Patient, Diagnostic Testing and HCP Insights Across the Patient Journey

Forecasting and sizing activities for targeted therapies can be difficult when you don’t have access to specific clinical information. Through advanced analytics that enable you to build intelligent profiling knowledge and gain early insights, Prognos can help inform your strategic planning by providing you with result values for the biomarkers specific to your brand’s treatment.

The capability to best understand clinical diagnostic testing patterns and usage is a key component in understanding the patient journey, the clinical timeline between diagnosis and treatment, and specific drug therapy selection for patients.Uncovering new insights by exploring lab test result data, you benefit with a more detailed understanding of disease patterns. You’ll get better results on targeted patient journeys, market size assessments, therapy outcome measurement, new opportunity identification, and better testing hypotheses.

Clinical and domain expertise – we’re lab data experts

Our team has a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our life science partners. That along with our deep clinical knowledge and lab expertise allows us to build algorithms that identify patient profiles and patient care gaps most relevant to client needs. Prognos’ Clinical Truths™ unlock and provide standard interpretations of clinical results across labs and conditions. Clinical Truths combine technology with clinical domain expertise to make lab results consistent and standardized. Our experts can help interpret the information and shorten your time to competitive advantage.

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