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Improve Brand Performance with Timely Lab-based Alerts

In a highly competitive market, timing is everything. Having the insights needed to capture patient share is critical in determining brand success and overall market performance. Prognos can provide you with weekly or monthly field alerts that can help your brand accelerate product adoption, grow new market share and mostly importantly, enhance a patient’s treatment options. Our alerts solution can help your brand identify practices with patients in need of therapy before treatment is initiated. This solution leverages the power of lab data along with AI and advanced analytics to help life science companies gain unique insights into physician behavior, quality metrics, and patient populations.

Maximize Resources to Hit Your Marketing and Sales Goals

Forecasting and sizing activities for targeted therapies can be difficult when you don’t have the right tools. Prognos can help inform your strategic planning by providing you with result values for the biomarkers specific to your brand’s treatment. Prognos can help your brand inform physician profiling, market sizing, and field force planning. This solution drives performance through advanced analytics that enable Life Science companies to build intelligent profiling knowledge and gain early insights.

Identify Providers Treating Patients with Specific Lab Test Result Values

Identifying treatment opportunities earlier is crucial to both patient health and pharmaceutical brand success. Our solution provides brands with weekly field alerts that identify opportunities for switching patients to a new therapy or adding additional therapy in real-time. We identify providers caring for patients with specific lab test result values, and the relationships between medications and these result values. These weekly alerts enable market access teams to plan, optimize, and track their physician outreach and sales field activities better than any other source.

Better Insights into the Patient Journey

The capability to best understand clinical diagnostic testing patterns and usage is a key component in understanding the patient journey, the clinical timeline between diagnosis and treatment, and specific drug therapy selection for patients.

Our life science solutions allow for the discovery of new insights by exploring lab test result data, providing a more detailed understanding of disease patterns. We provide brand teams with the ability to perform in-depth analyses towards uncovering patient journeys, assessing market size, measuring therapy outcomes, identifying new opportunities, and testing hypotheses.

Turbo Charge Omni-Channel Marketing

The right audience at the right time is every advertiser’s dream. Prognos can seamlessly activate real-world diagnostic data to optimize your HCP digital media spend while treatment decisions are being made – not after when it may be too late. We can help make static HCP target lists more dynamic. Our digital marketing solution enables brand relevancy and digital media buying efficiency at the same time. Intertwine digital marketing with your offline field force tactics to synchronize all channels to supercharge awareness, brand recall and ultimately marketing ROI. Prognos’ real-world clinical insights are actionable and built for digital speed to fuel your omni-channel marketing strategy.

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