Fernando Schwartz, PhD

Chief Data Scientist

Fernando has over 20 years experience in quantitative research, and almost a decade focused on building high-performing, cross-functional teams that find innovative solutions to challenging problems in big data. Fernando is a skilled mathematician and a thought leader when it comes to monetizing massive transactional datasets. Prior to joining Prognos, Fernando was Chief Data Scientist at LiveIntent, where he founded the Data Science and Analytics group. Fernando invented and deployed a market forecasting tool that generated a multi-million dollar lift in monthly booked revenue, leveraging AI and optimization algorithms. Prior to LiveIntent, Fernando worked in data science at AppNexus, where he designed a budgeting algorithm in charge of allocating over $200M of annual revenue through 5B+ daily transactions.

Fernando received both his BS in Engineering and Mathematical Engineering degrees from the University of Chile, and obtained his PhD in Mathematics from Cornell University. He held postdoctoral positions at Duke University and the University of Warwick (UK). Fernando has dozens of peer-reviewed scientific publications in mathematics and its applications to data science, including computational geometry and topological data analysis. Fernando became a tenured faculty member of the Mathematics Department at the University of Tennessee, where he currently holds an honorary Adjunct Professorship.

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