The Leadership Team

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Sundeep Bhan  - Medivo

Sundeep Bhan

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jason Bhan, MD  - Medivo

Jason Bhan, MD

Co-Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Steve Chase  - Medivo

Steve Chase

Chief Financial Officer

Lisa Kerber  - Medivo

Lisa Kerber

Chief Operating Officer

Fernando Schwartz, PhD  - Medivo

Fernando Schwartz, PhD

Chief Data Scientist

Hilary Weckstein  - Medivo

Hilary Weckstein

General Counsel & Chief Privacy Officer

John Alfano  - Medivo

John Alfano

VP, Operations

Daniel Berlinger  - Medivo

Daniel Berlinger

VP of Technology

Frank Jackson  - Medivo

Frank Jackson

EVP, Payer Markets

Cathy Wong  - Medivo

Cathy Wong

VP, Strategy & Clinical

Bella Allen  - Medivo

Bella Allen

Manager, Employee Experience & Talent Acquisition

Bhaskar Ammu  - Medivo

Bhaskar Ammu

Data Scientist

Chris Auron  - Medivo

Chris Auron

Project Manager for Lab Implementation

Christian Benedix  - Medivo

Christian Benedix

Business Development Manager, Life Science

Brandon Canter  - Medivo

Brandon Canter

Business Development Manager, Life Science

Evan Closson  - Medivo

Evan Closson

VP, Engineering

Josh Cohen  - Medivo

Josh Cohen


Susri Dhal  - Medivo

Susri Dhal

Clinical Informaticist

Charles Gaughan  - Medivo

Charles Gaughan

Area Vice President, Payer Market

Audrey Guazzone  - Medivo

Audrey Guazzone

Client Services Manager

Joel Keefe  - Medivo

Joel Keefe

SVP Solutions, Life Sciences

Milin Korath  - Medivo

Milin Korath


Pavan Kumar  - Medivo

Pavan Kumar

Lead Engineer

Ramesh Kumar  - Medivo

Ramesh Kumar

Associate Director - Products

Sanjiv Lall  - Medivo

Sanjiv Lall

VP, Business Development

Almex Lee  - Medivo

Almex Lee

Business Development Manager, Life Science

Melissa Leonhauser  - Medivo

Melissa Leonhauser

VP, Product Marketing

Nathan Lim  - Medivo

Nathan Lim

Data Scientist

Rob Lorusso  - Medivo

Rob Lorusso

Manager, Operations

Bob Maluso  - Medivo

Bob Maluso

VP, Business Development

Akilah Matthew  - Medivo

Akilah Matthew

Operations Project Manager

Tiffany Musses  - Medivo

Tiffany Musses

Marketing & Business Operations Associate Manager

Niyati Parikh  - Medivo

Niyati Parikh

Manager, Clinical Solutions Architect

Matthew Powers  - Medivo

Matthew Powers


Pavan Ramaswami  - Medivo

Pavan Ramaswami

Analytics Associate

Kirubakar Ravikumaran Sathya Bama  - Medivo

Kirubakar Ravikumaran Sathya Bama

Business Intelligence Analyst

Mark Reis  - Medivo

Mark Reis

VP, Business Development, Lab Markets

Carmel Rita  - Medivo

Carmel Rita


Yamillet Rivas-Seymour  - Medivo

Yamillet Rivas-Seymour

Associate Director, Lab Relationship Manager

Frank Rivera  - Medivo

Frank Rivera

BI Manager

Vidya Sadasivareddy  - Medivo

Vidya Sadasivareddy

Analytics Associate

Jason Satran  - Medivo

Jason Satran


Aron Seidman  - Medivo

Aron Seidman

VP, Product Management

Nina Ushman  - Medivo

Nina Ushman

Marketing Manager

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