Improving Health by Tracking and Predicting Disease the Earliest

Why Prognos?

Prognos leverages a vast amount of clinical data using AI and advanced analytics technologies to drive the right decisions earlier and improve health

Prognos Registry

The Prognos Registry consists of 8 billion clinical diagnostics records for 157 million patients across 35 disease areas.

Condition Algorithm Development

Our clinicians and data scientists have developed over 500 proprietary patient profiles to meet specific needs and use cases of our clients.

Artificial Intelligence

Prognos innovations leverage laboratory results and clinical diagnostic data by using advanced analytics and artificial intelligence techniques.

Our Solutions

Life Sciences

Drive Brand Performance

Leverage clinical data, analytics, and AI to drive the right treatment decisions earlier and improve patient health.


Improve Quality & Manage Risk

Pinpoint health risk and identify at-risk patients based on specific biomarkers to improve quality, manage risk, and reduce costs.

Diagnostics Partners

Create New Opportunities

Find new commercial opportunities for clinical diagnostic assets.

Featured Content

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